Focal seizures after instillation of cyclomydril to a neonate with congenital CMV infection

Abstract. We present the case of a term neonate who underwent a diagnostic eye examination on day one for possible genetic disorders. Five minutes after Cyclomydril (0.2% clyclopentolate and 1% phenylephrine) eye drops were instilled, a focal seizure lasting for approximately one hour occurred. The electroencephalograph (EEG) was normal but the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed calcifications in the bilateral periventricular regions. Urine CMV-DNA and maternal serum CMV-IgM were both positive. Auditory brainstem testing suggested severe sensoneural hearing loss. The baby was treated for congenital CMV infection and did not have further seizures. In this case the congenital CMV infection may have been the predisposing factor
to central nervous system (CNS) toxicity induced by cyclopentolate. The exact mechanism is unknown but severe neurological impairment may be considered a contraindication for cyclopentolate eye drops in the neonate. To our knowledge, this is the first report of seizures occurring within the first week of life secondary to cyclomydril eye drops in a term neonate.

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