Volume 11, Issue 1

Volume 11, Issue 1

Pilot feasibility study to detect mesenchymal stem cell biomarkers of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in the tracheal aspirate fluid of preterm infants

Effect of standardized feeding protocol on nutrient supply and postnatal growth of preterm infants: A prospective study

Bereaved mothers’ and fathers’ perceptions of a legacy intervention for parents of infants in the NICU

Factors associated with long-term mechanical ventilation in extremely preterm infants

Improving outcome in congenital diaphragmatic hernia – experience of a tertiary center without ECMO

Umbilical cord clamping practices of U.S. obstetricians

The association between alcohol outlet accessibility and adverse birth outcomes: A retrospective cohort study

Forebrain cellular bioenergetics in neonatal mice

Universal newborn hearing screening using A-TEOAE and A-ABR: The experience of a large public hospital

Erb’s palsy complicating a case of annular pancreas


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