Intrauterine growth restriction after bariatric surgery

Abstract. Objective: Studies have suggested that pregnancies in patients with gastric bypass surgery for obesity are uncomplicated if the procedure was performed 6 to 18 months before pregnancy. We aim to examine intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) in patients who underwent gastric bypass for at least 18 months before conception and who had no other obstetric risk factors. Material and methods: We reviewed pregnancy outcome of patients who underwent gastric bypass 18 to 48 months before pregnancy. Results: Total population was 44 patients: 35 had uncomplicated pregnancies and 9 (20.5%) had IUGR and oligohydramnios. Their pregnancies before bypass were uncomplicated. All 9 patients were labor induced at 34 to 35 weeks; seven of them delivered vaginally and two by cesarean. Birth weight ranged from 1728–2041 grams and hospital stay between 9–38 days. Conclusion: In our population, pregnancies in patients with gastric bypass were at increased risk of IUGR. The risk persists beyond 18 months post bypass surgery, therefore fetal growth should be monitored closely.

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